Terms and Conditions

The PRIME is designed to be a fun day of learning, innocence and camaraderie. There are a few things we need you to know to keep it that way.

The payment for the event, $15. per person or $50. per team of four, is due in full when you arrive, so bring cash or a check made out to “Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science”.

We want to share The PRIME experience in pictures that we’ll take and post on line, so be aware that there’s a possibility that since you are attending, your picture might be posted on our site.

We expect that all will go well, but just know that when you register, you’re granting permission to The PRIME staff to seek medical assistance for you on the outside chance that something happens to you while you’re here.

And finally, since there’s not enough privacy in the world, we at PRISMS, who run The PRIME, are committed to protecting yours, so we will not share or sell your contact information or other personal information to any third parties. That would be creepy.