Organizing Team


The PRIME Minister, the Big Kahuna, Our Fearless Leader: Joseph Li

Program Director: Joseph (Qiusheng) Li

Joseph (Qiusheng) Li serves as the head of math department at the Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science (PRISMS) and is the deputy leader of China’s IMO team.

Joseph Li, known affectionately to everyone as “Mr. Li”, is a world famous teacher and coach.

He was always a math star, winning 2nd place in the China Mathematics Olympiad while in high school. After graduating from Peking University in 2001, Mr. Li began to teach at RDFZ, the best STEM high school in Beijing. He became so good at teaching that he won 1st Place in a national teaching competition for high school teachers, thus becoming a master teacher. He joined a Chinese delegation to the US as the only high school teacher representative on an educational curriculum summit.

At the same time, Mr. Li became more involved in coaching for math competitions, his true interest and dream. He organized math clubs after school and began coaching his students in Math Olympiad level problems. Soon, 6 of his RDFZ students won Gold Medals at the IMO. Mr. Li then joined the Chinese Math Olympiad coaching team, and was promoted to Deputy Leader in 2013, one of only two high school teachers ever to serve in that role. His teams continued to win Gold for China until 2015 when the US team took 1st place. This year Mr. Li coached one of our PRISMS Students, Peter Peng, to the Gold Medal with the US Math Olympiad Tea at the IMO in Hong Kong.

A highly creative teacher, Mr. Li is likely to break into a dance or a song to teach a concept. A deeply humble and generous man, he is adored by his students.

Head Grader: Jun Su

Problem Reviewer: Jun

Jun is a second-year math graduate student at Princeton University. He always enjoyed solving math Olympiad problems in high school and won a Gold Medal at IMO 2010.

Solution Reviewer: Ruixiang Zhang

Problem Reviewer: Ruixiang Zhang

Ruixiang Zhang is a 4th year graduate student at Princeton University who won a Gold Medal at the 49th IMO in 2008. Ironically, his current research interest lies in analytic number theory and harmonic analysis, which has a lot to do with elementary combinatorics in middle school and high school math competitions.

Problem Reviewer: Alex Song

Solution Reviewer: Alex Song

Alex is a superstar in math competitions. He went to the IMO from 2010 to 2015 and won five Gold Medals and one Bronze Medal. He was the only top scorer in the entire world in IMO 2015, so now he is in the IMO Hall of Fame.


Our PRISMS Student Team

This is our warm, dynamic team composed of people who love math and enjoy life.


Host of Award Ceremony: Justin Saintil, Ariana Fei



Directors of Orienteering: Mary Dai, Solomon Kim,  Jason Li




Rocket Test Managers: Wendy Zheng, Anna Ma, Mary Dai, Cici Xu, Christina Wang


Lander Test Managers: Gavin Li, Billy Wu, Andy Zhao



ISS Test Managers: Peter Peng, Jack Wang



Spirit Test Managers: Johnson Chen, Savva Morozov, Frederic Peng


Volunteer Coordinators: Tommy Lin, Eugene Gao, Paulina Kulyavtsev


Logo Designer: Avrilla Qian ’16, Tracy Han

Logo Designer: Avrilla Qiantracy

Photographers: Frank “GoPro” Huang, Olina Liang


Director of Logistics: Harry Zhang, Cloud Zhou, Vincent Lin



Technology Crew: Frederic Peng, Johnson Chen, Gregory Zhang



Guardian Angels:  Matthew Pearce and Marilee Jones

Though they are not mathematicians, they do love to support them.