Why attend The PRIME?

There are as many reasons to join us as there are eager middle school math students. We think these 5 reasons are particularly good:

  • Because you can advance your math skills in a crazy fun setting. Our competition is exclusively for 6th-8th graders, providing an excellent opportunity to meet new friends and build skills.
  • Because you’ll get inspired by “Gold”. Our competition is crawling with IMO (International Math Olympiad) and IPhO (International Physics Olympiad) Gold Medalists from the best math teams on Planet Earth. These Gold Medalists are part of our Organizing Team.
  • Because it suits your needs. If you are planning to attend EMC2 the week after The PRIME, you can use us as a competitive warm-up. If you can’t attend EMC2, you’ll still get the real-deal experience. And if you don’t know what EMC2 is and just want to play math, The PRIME works for that too because here you can see your potential.
  • Because we’re more than just the math. With Mr. Li in charge, there’s bound to be laughter and lots of fun!
  • Because you have a vote and can leave a legacy. At the end of each test you get to vote on your favorite problem and help shape The PRIME for the future.