Faculty & Staff


Bradford Carpenter
English Teacher

Mr. Carpenter is a veteran independent school teacher who marks his 27th year by joining us at PRISMS. His deep and long-standing interest in science and technology has informed his English teaching throughout his career. His passion for technology led him to create a hypertext version of Hamlet in 1995, while he was at Choate Rosemary Hall, and in 2001, he became an early adopter of a paperless classroom as well as web–based syllabi. In 2008, NAIS named him a “Teacher of the Future.” Most recently, he led the English department at Avon Old Farms School. He earned his BA in English from Connecticut College and his MALS with a concentration in humanities from Wesleyan University.


Harry Gong, PhD
Mathematics Teacher

Dr. Xiang Gong is a mathematics teacher at Princeton International School of Mathematics and Science. He has taught a variety of mathematics courses including algebra, geometry and AP calculus & statistics. In addition, he has served in the school and regional research programs. He is always passionate about teaching mathematics and conducting educational research studies.


Greg Herman, PhD
Engineering Teacher

Dr. Herman’s career began at MIT, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he worked under Dr. Harold E. “Doc” Edgerton in his stroboscopic and sonar imaging laboratories, while majoring in Physics and Electrical Engineering. Dr. Herman went on to receive his Ph.D. from the elite College of Optical Sciences, at the University of Arizona, in Tucson, Arizona.
Dr. Herman has vast experience in laser and electro-optical design, in laser frequency control and stabilization, and in prototyping LIDAR and DIAL laser instrumentation systems for applications in atmospheric sensing. His doctoral dissertation was on the production of a Terahertz frequency local oscillator, whose applications include next generation communications, noninvasive medical imaging, and nondestructive imaging and testing of a host of manufactured products. His method was patented in the United States and Japan.

Dr. Herman has been an educator and researcher for over 30 years, having taught physics, mathematics, and engineering at the high school and university levels. At each of Dr. Herman’s affiliated institutions, whether with NASA, industrial partners, or universities and high schools, he has mentored and coached a diverse group of individuals with a wide variety of research projects, helping them achieve satisfaction and success. He loves nothing more than to design and build things in the PiLab with eager young students.


Marilee Jones
Assistant Principal, Dean of Admissions and College Placement

Marilee Jones is PRISMS’ Dean of Admissions and College Placement. One of the nation’s most experienced College Admissions Deans and a highly regarded thought leader in the college admissions process, Marilee was long time MIT Dean of Admissions and an admissions professional for over 30 years.

Marilee is uniquely qualified to offer advice on effective admissions to both colleges/universities and to parents. She is a sought after speaker, consultant and author and is a national spokesperson on the changes in today’s college admissions climate, speaking out against the pressures it induces in both students and parents. She has been featured on CBS, National Public Radio, CNBC, the Wall Street Journal and profiled in USA Today, the Associated Press and the New York Times. She is the co-author of the book, “Less Stress, More Success: A New Approach to Guiding Your Teen Through College Admissions and Beyond.” And most recently, she has guided PRISMS students to earn admission to most of the top universities in the US in just 3 years.


Adam Kemp
Technology and Engineering Teacher and Engineering Department Head

Before coming to PRISMS, Adam Kemp taught Technology and Engineering for over 10 years at the nation’s top public high school, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJ), where he created new programs, such as the cross-disciplinary freshman Technology program that integrates its curriculum with English and Biology. After spending a summer working for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, he returned to TJ and started a course in Systems Engineering where the primary focus was the design, construction and flight of history’s first high school build satellite, TJ3Sat, launched successfully in 2013. As a result, he then served as the Director of TJ’s Energy Systems Lab, a premier research laboratory dedicated to the research and application of energy in its many forms.

In addition to his teaching Adam wrote a book, The Makerspace Workbench, which is both a hands-on resource and an overview of his educational philosophy. (Yes, he literally wrote the book on creating makerspaces.)

Today, Adam is the head of the Applied Engineering and Computer Science department at PRISMS. He has created a high-tech creative work environment, the PiLab (PRISMS Innovation Laboratory) where students in grades 9-12 work in the research, investigation, and creation of tomorrow’s technologies.


Joseph Li
Math Teacher and Math Department Head

Joseph Li always says that he is one of the luckiest people in the world because for his career he chose the thing he is most interested in and good at– mathematics education. This passion and focus also made him the best math competition coach in China and the deputy leader of China IMO team (International Mathematics Olympiad) before now being in America. As a student, he won a lot of awards in math competitions, including 2nd place in China Mathematics Olympiad when he was only a 10th grade student. But after becoming a teacher, he has helped his students win even more brilliant achievements. During the twelve years that he taught math at RDFZ in Beijing, his students won 7 gold medals and 1 silver medal at the IMO. He has continued that legacy here at PRISMS, coaching one of our seniors to membership of the US Math Olympiad Team and a gold medal in 2016.

Mr. Li is also one of the pioneers of teaching reform in China; he attaches great importance to stimulating students’ curiosity, to helping them comprehend mathematical ideas through challenging projects and discussions, to reveal the beauty of math and the power of mathematical thinking with vivid examples. Because of this, he won 1st place in the Chinese National Teaching Competition for high school teachers, and was invited to the US as the only representative of Chinese high school teachers to discuss the American mathematics curricula. Mr. Li and his PRISMS colleagues ensure that math learning at PRISMS is fun, interesting and of the highest quality.


Alkan Nalbani
Art Teacher

Alkan Nallbani was born in Berat, Albania, and spent most of his adult life living and painting in Italy. He graduated with top honors from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, continuing his education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and the Corcoran College of Art and Design, in Washington, D.C. His work focuses on oil paintings, drawings and etchings, and moves between representative and abstract styles. Alkan maintains studios in Tribeca, NY and Florence, Italy. He was invited to participate in the Harnett Biennial in 2010 and Prague Biennial in 2009, and has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the United States, including ones at the National Gallery of Kosovo and the National Art Gallery of Albania in 2016.


Wei-hsing Wang, PhD
Computer Science Teacher

Dr. Wang has B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science. He has vast real world experience to bring to his teaching, having worked at Bell Labs and other major laboratories, the financial industry as well as a few start-up companies. He also has extensive experience teaching computer science subjects to students ranging from first grade to college seniors. His main teaching goals at PRISMS are to establish his students’ understanding of multiple facets of computer technologies, preparing them to take advantage of fast growing computer technologies, and empowering them to develop advanced computer technologies for our future. He is an expert in current Artificial Intelligence technologies.


Kevin ‘Coach’ Heimann
Resident Counselor

Kevin Heimann holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Integrated International Studies from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois where he later became the Men’s Tennis Coach. He served as a houseparent and teacher at the American Boychoir School in Princeton, NJ, for eight years and director of tennis at Camp Winaukee in New Hampshire for 10 years before joining PRISMS. He is also a tennis pro at the Princeton Racquet Club and a member of the USPTA, a professional tennis teacher’s association. Kevin works hard to provide a sense of balance and fun in order to create a more fulfilling boarding school experience for our PRISMS students.