Math Courses

 AMC 10 Training Camp: July 16 – July 27 (2 weeks)

Prerequisites: Students should have completed Algebra 1 & Geometry
This 2 week long summer program for mathematically talented students in 6th-8th grades is designed to expose them to the beauty of mathematical ideas and new ways of thinking. Students can explore AMC 8 and AMC 10 level topics while building problem solving skills that will help them in many fields. With Mr. Li teaching, it is bound to be fun!
Faculty: Joseph Li

 Mathematics Quantitative to Structural: July 9 – July 13

This course is intended for students planning to take the high school math next school year or the year after. It provides an essential way to practice a student’s skills in three mathematical areas: computations, geometry/algebra, and mathematical concepts. This course highlights the most important topics, critical for the transition from middle-school level to high-school level math success. It covers a great deal of material and place emphasis on active learning and putting knowledge to use in independent and creative ways.
Faculty: Harry Gong