College Application Jump Start

College Application Jump Start: June 25 – 29

Did you ever wonder what really goes on behind closed doors with college admissions committees, what they actually look for in applicants and why they make the decisions they do?

For the first time offered, this is an unprecedented chance to learn these things and so much more about the confusing and complicated college admissions process from one of the most experienced college admissions officers in the US, a former Dean of Admissions at MIT.

In just one week, you will learn how it really works and what you need to do to make the most effective application this coming fall.

Since this week is at the beginning of your summer, you’ll get a jump start on the process and have the entire summer to think your application through more deeply and with real knowledge, not based on the rumor, gossip and false information that most people believe to be true.

In one week you’ll learn:

  • The business formula colleges use for their successful admissions
  • The 3 step formula that will make writing your Common Application essay a breeze
  • The difference between the Common Application essay and the supplement essays and why that matters
  • What parts of the application are the most significant to an admissions officer
  • What is the one most important question no one asks on campus visits
  • Who is the real audience for your application and why knowing that is so critical
  • How to quickly figure out what school is best for you
  • What the rankings actually mean
  • So much more…

Information is power. Imagine being relaxed and calm throughout your college application process next year while your classmates are all swirled up with college application anxiety.  This week will get you there.

Sign up quickly, since seats are limited.

Faculty: Marilee Jones