PSI – PRISMS Summer Institute


June 25 – August 3

9am-4pm, including lunch, snacks and fun activities at break time

Welcome to the PRISMS Summer Institute – PSI – where you can spend part of your summer having fun and remarkable experiences, learning and doing things that most can only dream of!

At PRISMS we specialize in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math that goes well beyond the level offered at most high schools. Our school is permeated with an atmosphere of curiosity and we’re pretty good at innovation.

We’ve noticed, though, that there isn’t much available in these STEM fields for middle school students in the summertime when you are best able to explore them deeper, so we’ve decided to specialize in offering exciting and advanced STEM subjects to students in 6th- 8th grades.

All of our classes are taught PRISMS-style – they reflect how we learn best, and most often that’s by including other fields of study in our work. Did you know that learning across disciplines makes you smarter?

Our teachers are all experts in their fields, some world famous. Most have PhDs. All have had real world experience. All of them are really, really good teachers. We also have some excellent high school students on staff to be teaching assistants and counselors to amp up the fun.

This summer we’re offering classes in math, engineering, computer science, physics and science fiction writing. Check out the descriptions here.